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Trusty is the home of real estate conversation
On Trusty, you can discover the Internet's most popular homes, read reviews, and share your opinions to help make real estate more social. Whether people are gushing over the latest celebrity mansion or giving advice about a fix-and-flip investment opportunity, Trusty is the place where those conversations are happening.
React and share your thoughts on real estate listings and topics in your neighborhood, or anywhere in the world.
Browse and engage with the interesting, funny, and often ridiculous sides of real estate.
See what people in your neighborhood -- and around the world -- are saying about properties on the market right now!
Discover photos, pros & cons, price estimates, and other unique property intel that you can’t get anywhere else.
Tap into the wisdom of crowds to better understand the market.
Get insights you won’t find anywhere else, to help you make better decisions about real estate.
Build a following and grow your influence in the world of real estate.
React and share your thoughts on real estate listings and topics in your neighborhood, or anywhere in the world.
Whether you're actively searching for a home, work in the real estate industry, or just like talking about (and maybe roasting!) properties, you can join the conversation on Trusty.
Who doesn't love real estate?
The majority of open house visitors have zero intention to buy since they just love to look. People love following real estate for aspirational purposes, to get ideas for improving their homes, to see how other people live, and for pure entertainment value. Trusty is the first and only place to interact with specific homes, hot topics, and a community of like-minded people who also love real estate. Come see what everyone is talking about.
"I spend a ridiculous amount of time scrolling real estate sites. It's hard to believe there has never been a place to share that experience and discuss with others doing the same thing. Trusty gets me straight to the most interesting listings online and gives me a safe place to talk without getting 10 calls from an agent. Love it."
Insights you won’t find anywhere else
For as long as real estate has been available online, there has only been one side to the story. Trusty removes the bias of the listing agent and adds transparency to homes for sale by tapping into the wisdom of crowds. Weigh in and see what others are saying in the form of price estimates, home reviews, home scores, reactions, and user commentary.
"I’ve always wondered why Yelp doesn’t let you review houses. We recently moved and my wife and I used Trusty to get 2nd opinions on homes we liked before we even saw them. Super helpful."
We are social network with a passionate audience that loves real estate
Trusty is a place to grow your influence and build authentic and dedicated followers. Whether you’re a home professional or someone who has a keen eye for finding the best properties, people want to hear what you have to say. Sharing your expertise and creativity on Trusty will create opportunities to connect directly with people craving unique takes on homes and the housing market.
"Like Zillow, but better. Trusty has the listings, plus interesting and fun real estate topics and an easy way to talk about them. I’m hooked."
Get the inside scoop and hear what people are saying
Prior to Trusty, getting opinions about what people think of a house or a recent sale was limited to a chance encounter in the neighborhood or knowing the right realtor. Now there’s a place to share and hear the inside scoop without getting lucky or acting like a private investigator.
"Trusty is onto something. Everybody wants to know what's going on with real estate, and they've got a one stop shop for it all. It's nice to get local opinions on listings in my neighborhood alongside interesting homes and topics from around the country."
Social Real Estate
Trust in the community
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