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Calling All Home Pros: Why Buyers (and Agents) Want to Hear from You

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Tim Hyer

When we opened up Trusty's platform beyond real estate agents, our primary motivation was to get buyers, sellers, and real estate enthusiasts to join the conversation and represent the opinions of "community members" as a contrast to the professional agent.  However, we quickly realized that there's another very important voice that deserves a seat at the table as a key element of our community: home pros. 

When it comes to real estate, there's an entire ecosystem of professionals surrounding the transaction.  Obviously, real estate agents are the first pro you think of, but there are so many others. 

When it comes to buying a house, you'll need a home inspector to evaluate the quality of the home before going under contract.  You may need a contractor to provide a second opinion about a disclosure item and give an estimate about what it may cost to resolve.  You will likely need a financing partner who can walk you through the mortgage process and provide your best options.  And then all the different experts you'll want to work with after closing, from movers to interior designers to landscapers.

When it comes to selling a house, you'll need a great photographer to present your house in the best way to attract buyers.  You may need a stager to re-imagine how your home may be lived in by a potential buyer.  You will likely need a title company to properly handle the transfer.  And the countless experts that work to prep the house to look its best and get maximum value, whether a painter, a carpet installer, or a great handyman.  

On Trusty, active home buyers are asking questions every day about homes for sale.  They may notice a deteriorating roof that a roofer could easily provide insight on.  Or they may wonder if a crack in the foundation is a deal breaker.  We've seen many buyers looking for help re-imagining existing homes they may want to flip.  And since Trusty users tend to be unrepresented, they often need an agent they can trust.  Fortunately, real estate agents are Trusty's largest group of professional users and this audience is always looking for new connections that can help them and their clients achieve great results.  So it doesn't surprise us that we see just as many home professionals connecting with home buyers and sellers as they are with real estate agents on Trusty.

If you are a home professional, Trusty is a great way to build your brand by inserting yourself into relevant conversations happening everyday within your local real estate market.  You'll be able to showcase your expertise on specific homes to specific buyers and agents who have questions that only you are qualified to answer.  It's time to get your work in front of more active real estate agents, and their buyers and sellers.  Trusty gives agents, buyers and sellers a way to quickly get a feel for what you’re like to work with, connect with you, ask you questions, and hire you!  

As of today, the following home professionals are actively joining the conversation on Trusty and we're adding more by the day...

  • Home Appraiser
  • Home Inspector
  • Title / Escrow Officer
  • Transaction Coordinator
  • Home Stager
  • Home Photographer
  • Mortgage Lender / Home Finance
  • Property Manager
  • Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Landscaper
  • General Contractor
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Roofer
  • Painter
  • Mover

Experienced, local home professionals are in high demand on Trusty.  Join us, grow your business, and be part of the only social network just for real estate.  Sign up here.

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