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    Making Real Estate Conversational: Trusty and the Power of Community

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    Tim Hyer

    Throughout history, humans have been fascinated by real estate.  From Medieval castles to modern architectural masterpieces and everything in between, people love getting an inside look into other people’s homes.  But significant barriers have always existed, with access and insights about what homes are really like, usually controlled by the owner.  

    Fast forward to today where real estate information seems more prevalent than ever before, but in reality, the best you can get about a property on the market is a real estate agent’s description, some artfully staged (and probably misleading) photos, and some quantitative real estate data about cost-per-square-foot and days on market. The ability to get multiple opinions on a property, a variety of perspectives, and crowd-sourced insights and honesty -- things that would provide a  qualitative picture of a home --  have never been available.  

    Our ability to interact with real estate has always been limited --  individuals reacting to photos in magazines, a few neighbors casually discussing a local sale “over the fence”, and more recently, in isolated conversations happening in different corners of the Internet.  

    Until now. 

    Trusty is the first to make real estate conversational, starting with home reviews, and now with a brand new social feed.  In doing so, we’re not just making real estate social, we’re empowering people with content that’s both fun to talk about, and incredibly useful for anyone making decisions around a purchase or sale of their next piece of real estate. 

    Today we’re proud to announce the arrival of the Trusty Social Feed. A real-time stream of the most interesting real estate conversations happening online. The social feed includes a host of new social features that our community of users can use to engage in ways they never have before.  Whether a question about a property, a well placed emoji, an insightful comment, or a thought provoking home review, Trusty is the destination for our community and all of the real estate conversations they want to have. If you think about it, sites like Zillow or Redfin are informational, but you can’t have a conversation there. You can’t ask a question, share an insight, or just react to a property or topic. 

    Here are some of the things you can do on Trusty:

    • Share opinions or reviews of any property on the market (If listings are outside of our MLS coverage area, links from other websites can be used to share in the activity feed.) 
    • Get quick and easy second opinions on listings you may be interested in
    • Ask a real estate-related question to the broader Trusty community
    • Post interesting real estate news stories or topics to start a conversation, and connect with others with similar interests.  

    Want to check out the latest collection of celebrity homes for sale?  Visit Trusty.  Need a second opinion on a home you’re seriously looking at?  Come to Trusty.  Got a burning question related to a specific real estate topic?  Ask Trusty.  Trusty is your sounding board and guide as you navigate the complicated real escape landscape. It’s a place for all of those real estate conversations you want to have!

    The Trusty community is made up of people like you -- people who like real estate and talking about it, people seeking and sharing information and insight. Maybe for a specific reason, maybe just for fun, maybe both. We welcome you to join us in our quest to make real estate more conversational, more human, more real. 

    Join the community, join the conversation.

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