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Meet Trusty: A Home Buyer's Best (and Most Honest) Friend

4 min read
Nicholas Meyers

You’re considering making the largest purchase of your life.  Your home.  Like any important purchase, you do your research.  You go online and sift through home after home, comparing neighborhoods, prices and specs, hours/days/weeks go by.  Oh wow, you found it!  The pictures look so good, the description sounds ideal.  Your dream home awaits.

Time to visit the open house.  Little do you know, those photos were retouched to enhance the lighting and make the kitchen and bathrooms look twice as large as they really are.  In addition, those photos failed to show the poor layout and lack of closet space.  No one said anything about that eyesore across the street or the noisy bus that stops every 15 minutes on the corner.  You're discouraged, should have never let your hopes get so high.  Saturday afternoon wasted.



Don’t fret, we know you did your homework, but something was missing.  Ask yourself, how many purchases do you make these days without reading multiple opinions and reviews?  How many different reviews did you read when deciding where to stay on an upcoming vacation?  How much time did you spend purchasing those noise cancelling headphones, or that new grill, combing through reviews and looking for multiple perspectives?

Buying a home should be no different, but it is.  When you go online, you should be able to see multiple perspectives and photos of a property.  But you can’t.  The real estate industry thrives on opaqueness, offering a one-sided perspective and hiding unfavorable information.  It’s based on a 100-year old model where reviews and perspectives are actively discouraged.  And it’s ripe for change. 

Meet Trusty.  Trusty is bringing home buying into the modern age by providing multiple perspectives on homes for sale.  Trusty is here to lift the veil through reviews from multiple, licensed real estate agents, alongside other relevant players in the home buying ecosystem.  Trusty provides access to reviews, insights, and photos on homes you won’t find anywhere else.  We strive to surface what is great about a home, and the things that are not so flattering.  So that when you get to a house in-person, you know what to expect.  Our goal is to help you get the whole picture about a home and make the most educated decision possible.

So next time you get a new home alert and think you’ve found “the one,” be sure to see what others have to say on Trusty first.

How much does it cost to use Trusty?

Trusty is free for home buyers.  We make money through referral fees on transactions facilitated by agents discovered on Trusty. 

Found a home online, still have questions?

Reach out to any of the agents on Trusty who have physically visited and reviewed the home.  They’re happy to share their perspective and get you answers. 

Ready to visit the home?

Trusty can connect you with the verified local real estate agent of your choice who can provide a tour, either virtually or in-person.. 

Thinking about making an offer?

We have multiple price opinions from real agents and other metrics baked into our Trusty Estimate.

Need more time?

We operate on your timeline.  There is no pressure with Trusty.  Follow some agents, see how they operate.  When the time feels right, we’ll be ready for you.

At Trusty, we’re making real estate more real.  About time, right?

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