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Meet Trusty: The Must Have App for Real Estate Agents

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Tim Hyer

Whether you’re a top performer or a brand new agent, making a career as a real estate agent is hard work and can be extremely costly  The new Trusty app changes all of that. Trusty provides a level playing field where the best agents rise to the top based on the merits of their perspectives. The platform does not require marketing dollars to participate, just high quality content that will stand out to buyers and sellers. And it’s quickly becoming the most authentic and effective way for agents and clients to connect. 

The long, tough slog of a career in real estate

Maybe you’ve been a broker for decades.  Maybe you’re newly licensed.  Maybe you’ve had your license for some time, but haven’t quite made the career leap into being a full-time realtor.  Regardless of experience or commitment level, your success as a real estate agent depends on your ability to attract clients and represent them in transactions.  

Unlike most industries, few agents make a salary.  Your income is entirely tied to commissions earned from successful transactions.  A career in real estate is feast or famine -- you make a lot of money when transaction volumes are high, and very little when transaction volumes are low.  It takes a while to grow a rolodex of clients and make a steady income.  Further, there are costs associated with becoming licensed and gaining access to your local MLS, so you may be prospecting with a thin wallet.  Which doesn’t leave much to spend on advertising and marketing.  So how do you get more clients, and what do those clients actually want from a potential agent?

What it takes to win new clients

Unless you have tens of thousands of dollars to pour into tried and true marketing channels, you’re going to need to be creative to build your business without breaking the bank.  But you’re a self starter and a hard worker -- that’s why you got into real estate in the first place.  You start by putting yourself out there as much as possible.  You attend every broker’s open house, getting to know the ins and outs of every listing that comes up.  You attend industry events, networking with every agent you can.  You spend your weekends volunteering to cover for any busy listing agents’ open houses to scout for prospective home buyers.  You follow-up with prospects incessantly with emails, phone calls, texts, and handwritten notes to invent some form of connection with these new prospects.  You tap into your own personal network (and that of your family and friends) by being active in your community, networking with neighbors, parents in your kids’ school, colleagues of your spouse… anyone who may have friends or family interested in buying or selling a home.  You write a blog, but without money to invest in search engine optimization and marketing, you struggle to grow a following.  You try Facebook and Instagram, but your friends and family scattered about the country aren’t particularly interested in your thoughts on market trends for your zip code.  As a real estate agent, you are essentially an entrepreneur building a business for yourself so you can’t leave any stones unturned.  But despite your undying hustle, it can feel like your efforts often go largely unrewarded.  It can be exhausting to be “always on,” yet see very few gains.  

Your competition is everywhere

Then there’s your competition.  It’s challenging to stand out since nearly everywhere you look is another real estate agent, literally their face, plastered on billboards and bus stop benches all over town.  And at the upper end of your competitors, brokerages dominate sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook, Nextdoor, and Zillow, to claim the top spot when searching for “agents in your area.”  It can seem impossible to gain a foothold in the market and establish your own personal brand amid fierce competition, pricey marketing, and an already crowded marketplace.

What do clients want anyway?

When you do manage to get in front of a potential client, how do you make a good impression?  You see lots of agent flyers and newsletters filled with stats featuring median home value, average days on market, inventory percentages, price per square foot.  Are these generic, non-specific market trends what buyers and sellers really care about?  In your experience, buyers and sellers are most concerned with specific homes and neighborhoods, which are rarely mentioned in agent advertisements.  Besides, agent marketing is notoriously insincere.  Regardless of the macro economic conditions, it seems it’s always “a good time to buy” and “a good time to sell,” depending on whose flyer you’re reading.  You should want your content to be relevant to your target audience, and when you do capture their attention, you should want your messaging to be authentic and believable.

Introducing Trusty for real estate agents

Meet Trusty.  Trusty has created an app for real estate agents to establish themselves as local market experts and build a brand for themselves.  We allow licensed real estate agents to showcase their unique perspectives in the form of videos, photos, written commentary, star ratings, price estimates, and other subjective content.  This agent generated content is made available to prospective buyers and sellers who are interested in getting multiple, honest opinions about a specific property or neighborhood outside of what is traditionally offered.  The app is essentially a platform for agents to showcase how active they are in their local market through a portfolio of educated and thoughtful reviews.  Trusty’s goal is to connect serious buyer and seller clients with agents based on their connection to the genuine style of the agents’ reviews.  We encourage our agents to provide authentic, truthful, and real insights that will give buyers and sellers a better understanding of the home and market… and draw in those parties to represent them.  Trusty is putting “real” back in real estate by bringing greater transparency to active listings and neighborhoods, while giving real estate agents a way to promote their personal brands within hyperlocal markets.  Finally, an easy way to document your unique insights and reward your hustle in a way that’s relevant to the clients you’re trying to reach.

How Trusty levels the playing field

Whether you’re a top performer or a brand new agent, Trusty levels the playing field so the best agents rise to the top based on the merits of their perspectives.  The platform does not require marketing dollars to participate, just high quality content that will stand out to buyers and sellers.  Don’t have a ton of transactions under your belt?  No problem.  Trusty is a great opportunity to “show off” how active you are in your local market by sharing your unfiltered opinions, and to grow a following of people who are directly interested in the specific homes and neighborhoods where you’re most knowledgeable.  And since content is organized around specific properties, it is directly relevant to those reading it.

You got into real estate to be an entrepreneur and control your own destiny.  Now there’s a marketing engine for real estate agents that allows you to do that, and is free, relevant, and equal opportunity.  Trusty is quickly becoming the most authentic way for agents and clients to connect, and is leading to career building transactions.  The value of Trusty  is growing as we add more voices, more points of view, and more diversity to the platform.  We look forward to adding your voice to the conversation.  

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