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Personal Connections, More referrals, No upfront cost: Why Claiming Your Free Trusty Profile is a Smart Way to Build Your Brand and Your Referral Business.

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Porter Farthing
Head of Operations

We get it.  Every day you’re bombarded with companies promising to bring you more business and referrals.  CRM programs, lead gen offers, promotion sites, social media ads.  Chances are, when you look into them, there are big-time strings attached in terms of money, time or both. 

Why Trusty?

Trusty is out to change all of that.  With Trusty you can build your brand and win referrals, all without opening your wallet.  Trusty is a free marketing platform and referral marketplace for agents looking to grow their business. 

Unlike paid media or lead sites, exposure on Trusty is based on your expertise, insights and activity.  Trusty rewards agents for their activity, local market knowledge and ability to connect personally with clients.  We believe Trusty will truly redefine what it means to be a good agent! 

The Trusty Agent Profile

At the heart of the Trusty platform is your own Trusty agent profile.  It’s simple to create, and a no-brainer for agents of all levels of experience.  And compared to other profiles that emphasize only your number of transactions, years in the business and contact information, the Trusty profile has so much more -- things like your activity, your helpfulness, your insight.  Trusty even provides a platform to share your personal interests so you can connect with like minded clients. 

The importance of personal connections and research

Research shows that today’s consumers want a personal connection with who they do business with.  And even more so today, with everything that’s going on in the world.  Those same consumers also do online research before they buy -- anything!  So we built that into our profile too. 

So let me briefly share 5 reasons why claiming your Trusty profile is a quick and easy way to supercharge your business:

  1. There is zero cost commitment
    There is no shortage of sites that “rank” agents or promise to hook clients up with the “best” agent in town.   As with any tool or product, one size does not fit all, and it’s highly unlikely that an auto-generated agent profile, or worse, an agent paying for exposure, actually results in the right fit for that client.  It has become normal over the years for agents and brokerages to pay for low-quality leads that may or may not have an interest in transacting. That doesn’t happen with Trusty. You pay nothing upfront.

  2. It’s a personal, not a paid for, connection
    Trusty connects active, motivated buyers and sellers with agents who have similar personal interests, have seen the properties they’re researching, and share insights that matter to them. The Trusty Agent Profile is the first step in creating a free lead generation machine that is real, and earned through activity and knowledge rather than your wallet.  And you can easily personalize your profile by sharing things like your hobbies, interests, and favorite local spots.

  3. Trusty builds on work you’re already doing
    Once you’ve created your profile and are a verified agent on the Trusty platform, we unlock tools to use as you go about your daily routine that will benefit your business.  One of these tools is the listing ‘check-in’ -- a one-click solution to let thousands of potential clients know that you have previewed a property.  By simply ‘checking in’, you log your own activity, and add content to the activity feed on your profile page -- letting buyers and sellers know how hard you are working for them.  The more active you are, the more opportunity for quality leads. It’s like being at multiple open houses simultaneously. How efficient is that?

  4. Property “reviews” automatically produce high-quality, relevant content
    Once you have a profile, you can also review any property that you “check-in” to. This gives you a chance to share your unique insights into the property and showcase your expertise. Things like pricing, how fast it will sell, upgrade opportunities, property pros and cons. Both our check-ins and review forms are designed to integrate easily into your tours and previews.  And what’s more, this content helps foster authentic connections with customers who will feel as if they “know” you once they’ve read your reviews and seen your profile.

  5. And last but not least, we’re innovating and growing quickly!
    We created Trusty because we believe current models favor brokerages and lead gen companies over consumers and agents. We believe rewarding agents for their activity, local knowledge and expertise, and ability to connect personally with clients is better for agents and prospective clients. 

We’re launching in Sacramento and Roseville before we open our doors nationwide, so you have the chance to get in early and take advantage of our momentum and growth. We’re all about the agent experience, so we want to hear from you, learn from you, and GROW with you! 

The Trusty agent profile is quick and easy to complete. So start saving money, saving time and building your referral business today.

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