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The First Social Network for Real Estate: Opening Trusty to All

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Tim Hyer

A few months ago, Trusty launched home reviews to real estate agents.  We’ve learned so much by watching early-adopting realtors use our technology to share their expertise with buyers looking to get fresh, unbiased perspectives on active listings in the red-hot Sacramento market.  It’s been incredibly validating to surface nuggets of insight that were either omitted or glossed over by the listing photos and descriptions -- things like a locomotive running behind a house twice a day, or the estimated cost to repair a non-conforming exterior deck on another house. Shining a light on the truth about these homes brings a degree of honesty that’s a breath of fresh air for the residential real estate category.  It feels good to be building a platform that “turns on the lights” for buyers, a phrase Zillow coined as a core value over a decade ago in reference to putting more information at consumers’ fingertips.

Now that we’ve had a taste of what transparency can do for this category, we’re eager to “turn on more lights” for our users, to give them even more information and greater confidence in their decision-making.  Until now, a valid real estate license was required to participate on the Trusty platform, and home reviews could only be submitted by licensed agents. This built a strong foundation in terms of the quality and insight in our home reviews.  But our team has learned that there are plenty of other qualified voices that deserve a seat at the table, whether that’s a home appraiser, an inspector, a stager… or even just a long-time resident who knows the neighborhood inside and out.  These voices add greater diversity of opinion, differing types of expertise, and additional perspectives that can impact a buyer’s decision.  More users also creates a bigger and more diverse community to tap into.

So today, I’m pleased to announce that Trusty will be open to all.  Now, anyone can create an account on Trusty and join the conversation about specific homes -- what they love, and don’t love, how much it’s worth, how quickly it will sell. They can share what they think about the neighborhood, what upgrade ideas they have for a home, what things may cost.  Wherever the conversation leads about a specific home, it can all happen on Trusty. And starting today, you can be a part of it too.

Join us and be part of the conversation in your community.  Click here to get started.

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