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The Power of Video for Real Estate: Finally a Place to Create and Share Unique Content with Your Target Audience (Buyer and Seller Clients!)

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Porter Farthing
Head of Operations

We all know it's “the future”.  We’ve heard it a hundred times in office meetings, from social consultants and many sources in between:  Video is the future of real estate.  

I’ve been hearing it since at least 2013/2014 when the virtual tour became part of the real estate lexicon.  Grainy Youtube videos were supposed to sell your listings and get you new clients.  How did that go? (For those that don’t remember: not good!)  Fast forward to 2020 and devices we carry in our pocket can shoot an ultra-wide 12 megapixel video with the same resolution as our HD TV’s.  As Covid-19 has propelled the necessity of video, listing agents are benefitting from virtual open houses, video walkthroughs and reaching more buyers directly.  And the stats bear it out, according to the NAR, 56% of buyers shopping for homes find video “very useful” in their search.  

Listing agents have many opportunities to broadcast their video content.  But what about buyers’ agents and those looking to grow their business -- where are their opportunities?  

The Trusty review process allows agents looking to attract new clients a platform to show off their hard work, expertise and speak directly to buyers who need representation focused on their needs.  We’re building the first real estate review site that allows buyers to get a feel for the REAL home in the pictures, and importantly, creating a space to communicate directly to buyers they wouldn’t otherwise meet.  Our business is designed to, and benefits from, creating success for agents and their customers, because we believe that relationships borne from shared interests and personal connections are the best predictor for forming meaningful and lasting partnerships with clients.  Video only enhances the opportunity to create these relationships.  A video introduction and commentary on homes for sale is an easy way to accomplish that connection and success. 

We’re really excited about the opportunities this will create for agents and buyers to come together and share great experiences around their real estate transactions.

Here are the 3 key takeaways from Trusty review videos that you need to know:  

  1. Other social video options are scattered and not purely real estate focused.  Instagram stories, YouTube, Facebook and even TikTok each have their own benefits, but a key problem with each is that real estate agent content quickly gets lost in the shuffle, and most viewers aren’t in transaction mode anyway…Trusty review videos meet buyers where the are: SEARCHING FOR HOMES!  The refreshing, unbiased content that your reviews add to Trusty bring users from all over looking to move into your service area.  Be the friendly face (or funny, or expert, you do you!) that buyers see and want to ask a direct question on the home you’ve just seen.  They already like what you have to say by the time they reach out, so be knowledgeable, be yourself and close a deal.

  2. Leave a lasting mark.  Once you review a home, that content will live on attached to the home address with Trusty.  Unlike MLS content and data that disappears when a home is sold, Trusty content like video summaries and property highlights live on.  Think of each review and video as planting a business seed that could pay off for you years down the road. 

  3. Where are the tools for buyers that are authentic and not designed to fluff the home for sale? Agents looking for new clients and agents that work mostly with buyers need an outlet to show off their activity and perspectives based on their knowledge and experience.  Trusty is that place to establish yourself as THE representative for curious or interested buyers, and who has their best outcome in mind, not the seller’s.  We love sellers and love listing agents, but buyers are looking for someone to rep them!

Trusty is creating a platform that your brokers will love, sharing professional insights on a specifically real estate client-facing site, where potential customers can consume your original insight to engage and connect on specific listings they’re interested in.  We encourage you to give it try, be yourself and connect with folks you’d not have met otherwise.  

We look forward to seeing what you create for your future clients!  For more detailed video instruction and ideas on what to highlight in your videos, visit HERE to learn more.

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