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The Problem with Real Estate Agent Marketing

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Porter Farthing
Head of Operations

Marketing, advertising and branding as a real estate agent is hard.  There are countless options pitched to agents to “build a personal brand,” “grow your sphere of influence,” or simply generate leads.  There are many levels to this ecosystem which most agents, even seasoned veterans, are unaware of, and don’t align with their needs. Did you know that most in-house brokerage marketing plans are designed to tether the agents to its brand, not theirs?  What about independent content providers whose business plan is to sell the same research and graphics to millions of agents? Social media consultants scream quantity over quality and suggest the same topics to all of their agent clients.  

And that’s the problem. Most marketing solutions in the real estate world are focused on selling to YOU, the agent.  What are they not focused on? The consumer, or more directly, your future home buyer prospects.  


Current industry best practices advise agents to use content like how-to guides, stats that may or may not be current, and generic industry insights.  Do any of these address what buyers want to know when they are contacting an agent? They do not, and most of the information provided is only a Google search away.  Is a buyer likely to hire an agent because of a post sharing the “steps in the home buying process”? No, they will hire an agent who gives them what they want: access to the property they’re interested in and unique insight on that property not provided by the listing copy they’ve already read. 

Or, “put yourself out there” is other standard advice.  Is it important to establish yourself as top of mind, and remind your network that you are in real estate?  Sure. Putting yourself out there is hugely important, and you want to pop up when people in your network start to think about real estate.  But real estate marketing services want you to run ads, which is an inefficient and expensive way to prove your relevance to actual home buyers.  Even worse, those efforts don’t showcase your unique insights and personality at all. 

I’ve worked with all types of home buyers for almost 20 years, and my key takeaway is that what agents use to sell themselves often isn’t what home buyers are looking for.  My experience is that specific knowledge of a property will get you closer to a closed transaction, every time. Market access and knowledge set the table, and your personality as an agent closes the deal.  So what does the buyer want to know when they are looking for an agent:

  1. How do I  schedule a showing of a specific property?

  2. What relevant and honest information can you share about a home or neighborhood?

  3. Can you give me specific reasons for why?


My other key takeaway is that every agent wants to reduce the time they spend marketing, (including time spent finding and posting repetitive content on multiple platforms) and make their marketing stand out and reflect who they are.  Agents want to spend time on the things that will actually drive their business, whether that is touring the current market inventory, meeting with clients and prospects, or doing market research. 

That’s where Trusty comes in. 

With the Trusty platform, our goal is to let you create unique and authentic content that home buyers  are begging for, and that makes it easy for you to organically share your expertise. The marketing content that an agent generates on Trusty is an extension of every successful agent's day-to-day business, and is easy to share.  Knowing the market and being prepared to answer questions on listings in your local area is something that every agent should do, if they aren’t already. Trusty replaces time spent on ‘marketing’ with time spent on actual real estate activity that benefits your clients. Sharing your insights and expertise
should be your marketing strategy. 

Reviewing listings on Trusty is designed to integrate with tasks that build your credibility, and stand out to buyers looking for a connection.  Log your thoughts and unique insights while touring a home. Broadcast yourself and your brand on video as you provide perspective on the home you just saw.  Use your knowledge of comparable sales to inform your ‘estimated sale price’ portion of the review. Forming thoughts and opinions on a particular house is something all agents do, vocalizing those thoughts and consistently getting them in front of  homebuying prospects has not been an option before Trusty. Each review an agent posts on Trusty is valuable content, and is also completely original marketing content that is uniquely yours. . Trusty turns time spent doing the most crucial aspects of your job into time spent marketing.  

A comprehensive marketing solution for agents that also serves the home buyer has been something the real estate industry has needed for a long time.  Honest, insightful and unique opinions on current homes for sale serves a consumer need that is available in almost every other business category - like TripAdvisor for travel to Yelp For restaurants.  Trusty is aligning the marketing exposure needs of agents with the direct needs of home buyers, a trend that has improved meaningful business relationships in almost every industry.  

To learn more about becoming a Trusty agent,
click here.

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