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    5 Must See Homes Uncovered by ZillowGoneWild

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    Here at Trusty, we've become big fans of the new breed of creators out there focusing on the entertainment value of homes for sale.  There is nothing like getting a peek into how others live, and there is something addictive about uncovering outlandish or eye-popping home photos.  Since we’re the home of the real estate conversation, these creators deserve some love and a feature on Trusty!  Nobody has added to the conversation more than Zillow Gone Wild, so let’s highlight what they do...

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    See below for 5 notable finds from @zillowgonewild accounts.

    1. The Dog-Friendly Tiki Party in Philly


    1447 N Corlies St, Philadelphia, PA 19121

    In addition to having an amazing dog-friendly tiki bar, this post was notable because the actual owner of the house chimed in the comments. 

    @katherine.huber said “that's my house, someone please buy it!” ... and it SOLD!

    Sounds like we should invite Katherine onto Trusty to share her viral home selling experience. 

    > Someone please tell Katherine she has style!



    2. Business In The Front. Party In The Back.


    1825 Merriman Ave, Charlotte, NC 28203

    Maybe it's the surprises that captivate us when looking at these listings.  Usually, the surprises are inside, but not this Mecklenburg County home.  One of the best comments I’ve seen were calling this one the “Mullet house”...we think you’ll get it. The transition happens between pics 5 & 6.

    "Tell me you had to negotiate with a historic preservation board without telling me you had to negotiate with a historic preservation board." @janelle.ous

    "What in the Californian moving to Alabama is this?" @grizzlybearit

    "If bipolar disorder was a house." @paperpatdown

    > Can you believe it's the same house?



    3. The Smallest Bar is Located in A Dome in Florida

      Dome Home Garage Florida Trusty.jpeg

    4420 Saddlehorn Trl, Middleburg, FL 32068

    Domes from coast to coast.  Trusty had a great conversation going on domed houses in the activity feed.  Our users found one in CA, but ZGW found another in Florida!  Who knew this was a thing!  We might have to give the nod to Clay County, Florida. It has the smallest, most oddly-shaped bar we’ve ever seen.

    "That's IT Donnie.. we're going OFF the Grid forever.." @onerockgypsy

    "tiny bath?" @jamiemommie

    "Lots of geodesic domes in the mountain/ southwest" @ari_bizarie

    > What do you think the whiteboard is for?



    4. Live Simply in Sevierville, TN


    2509 Bay Meadows Way, Sevierville, TN 37876

    One topic we see a lot of conversation around is home staging.  It can really make or break a home sale.  ZillowGoneWild is no different, unique and odd staging gets their attention too, but this find takes weird staging to a whole new level. 

    My favorite comment grabbed the irony in one of the pics: "Love the live simply pillows in the living room. 😂 " @melissa.arellano

    "The 'Live Simply' pillows." @cheryllst

    "Is this a real life ‘I Spy’ book?" @homeownermemes

    "Sad Clown is the vibe" @amandat818xo

    Real estate lovers don’t miss a thing.

    > Thank Your Home Staging Contacts By Sharing This Home With Them.



    5. "Only one grotto? Sorry, I'm out"


    1161 La Mirada, Southlake, TX 76092

    Last we feature another great find from ZGW’s "Castle Fridays".  We debated a few other cool ones, that also overlapped with Trusty posts (See Here and Here for some great castle conversation).  But ultimately, we went with this modern, 8 bedroom, 10 bathroom castle in Texas.  It includes a grotto/garage/indoor/outdoor pool concept and a medieval-themed movie theater. Enjoy!

    "Only one grotto? Sorry, I’m out." @elpasta

    "Ah yes, ye olde movie theatre with Dolbye Surrounde Sounde. Also no better way to flex how many rugs you have than hanging them 20 feet off the ground." @bustahh

    "The garage door for the pool has me scratching my head." @melihirsch

    > Would You Own an Indoor/Outdoor Pool Cave?



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