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    Trusty’s New Activity Feed Has Something That Zillow and Redfin Don’t: Conversation

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    Tim Hyer

    Like Facebook and other social media platforms, Trusty, the social network for real estate, today announced a set of new product features that will allow people to interact in real time.   The Trusty Social Feed is the next evolution for the innovative real estate social network that launched last year in Sacramento where people can talk about homes, neighborhoods, and the broader market in a whole new way.

    “From the start we’ve placed the consumer front and center with Trusty, bringing transparency to an industry that has always thrived on controlling access to information,” said Nick Meyers, Trusty’s Chief Technology Officer.  “We started off with home reviews, and continued expanding features to further enhance the virtual review service. Now, with this latest product launch, we’re giving our users real tools to engage in ways they never have before.”

    The Trusty Social Feed is a real time stream of the most interesting real estate conversations happening online, and one that allows any user to connect with anyone else on the platform in ways they couldn’t before, including:

    • Sharing opinions or reviews of any property on the market 
    • Getting quick and easy second opinions on properties they’re interested in
    • Asking a real estate-related question to the broader Trusty community
    • Sharing interesting real estate news stories, digging deep into a topic, and connecting with others with similar interests or expertise. 

    “If you think about it, real estate sites like Zillow or Redfin are informational, but it’s a one-way street. You can’t have a conversation (except with a hungry real estate agent) or ask a question or share an insight or a reaction,” noted Tim Hyer, Trusty CEO and Co-Founder. “Those sites are informational, Trusty is conversational. People love talking about real estate, now they have a destination for all of those conversations.”

    Here's what Trusty user @lonpernell said about Trusty’s new social feed: “Like Zillow, but better. Trusty has the listings, plus fun and interesting real estate topics and an easy way to talk about them. I’m hooked.” 

    So far some of the liveliest conversations have been on what $500K will buy you in a “hot” real estate market around the country, whether renting or buying is a better idea right now, and pricing opinions on houses that have sat on the market for way too long.

    Here’s what Trusty user @jules916 has to say: “Trusty is onto something. Everybody wants to know what’s going on with real estate, and they’ve got a one-stop shop for it all. It’s so cool to get local opinions on houses in my neighborhood, alongside interesting homes and topics around the country. I’ve seen some crazy stuff out there, I love to share it”.


    Visit https://trustyco.com to learn more about Trusty, read real reviews and chime in with your thoughts on conversations about homes, neighborhoods, and the wider market.  You can also learn more about the Trusty Social Feed and the power of community in our recent blog post.

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