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    What is the Circle of Trust?

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    Porter Farthing
    Head of Operations

    Twitter and Instagram have their blue checks.  Yelp has its “elite” status.  Now Trusty, real estate’s first dedicated social network, has the Circle of Trust.  

    As we build out the platform for all things real estate, we’ll be keeping our eyes out for those of you who stand out and go the extra mile to connect and provide value to the community. We’re excited to recognize and feature users who consistently add value, and attract attention with great content.  

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    What it means to have the Circle of Trust badge

    The Circle of Trust means you are the “best of the best” of Trusty.  Circle of Trust members will have instant credibility among new and experienced community members.  The badge means that whether you use your real name or an alias, Trusty certifies your authority and voice, and we’ll highlight your content and profile whenever possible.  In addition, Circle of Trust members will receive: 

    • Invitations to exclusive Trusty hosted events

    • Free swag to show off your membership

    • Highlighted profiles and boosted exposure

    • Priority access to post and comment in the Trusty activity feed (details coming soon!)

    How to earn your badge

    We’re still working out the details on how the Circle of Trust badge is earned, but we do know the basic foundations.  There are three traits, when displayed consistently on Trusty, that will get you noticed and build credibility around homes and neighborhoods.  

    The 3 Foundations of the Circle of Trust:

    1. Insightful commentary
      Do your comments and reviews provide value to our community of real estate enthusiasts?  Insightful comments tell your audience  something they won't find anywhere else.  Even seemingly minor comments can have a big effect when they let others know facts about the home or neighborhood they’re considering.  Is the local coffee shop the best in the area?  Is the neighborhood association a tight community?  Are there local events that bring people together?  Sharing those bits of intel allows you to stand out among your peers.   

    2. Subject matter expertise
      Will your content help other users make better decisions?  Whatever your subject matter, helpful guidance comes in many forms, like sharing knowledge on particular types of homes, or what to expect regarding market conditions.  Consistently sharing that knowledge in the spirit of transparency and cooperation will get our attention.  Maintaining your profile with your specific expertise is also helpful.

    3. Engaging and fun interactions!
      Sharing your feelings and opinions connects you to like-minded users and builds community.  Creative comments and reviews that are fun to read, and prompt your audience to laugh or think are a great way to make connections.  If you hate shag carpet or have an eye for design flaws, sharing those authentic reactions will grow the audience you’re looking for, whether those connections are like-minded users or prospective home buyers or sellers.  

    The good news is that we’ve already had agents and other community members provide insightful, helpful and fun reviews.  Over the next few weeks our first group of members will be invited to join the Circle of Trust, we’re excited to acknowledge our best early users.  

    If you love real estate or know someone who does, feel free to nominate yourself or someone else as a member of the Circle of Trust by emailing trusty@trustyco.com.

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