The biggest financial decisionof your life deserves a second (and third / fourth / fifth) opinion.

You think you’ve found your dream home, but still have questions. Is this house overpriced? What is the neighborhood like? Are there opportunities to add more value through upgrades? Become a smarter buyer through the honest perspectives of professional agents who know the market better than you.


Trusty puts money back in buyers’ pockets. In fact,we guarantee it.

Unlike other real estate sites, we don’t charge agents for exposure. This means agents can use those unspent advertising dollars to compete for your business. In addition to their insights, agents can opt to give flat dollar amounts, part of their commission, or even perks like covering the inspection. Regardless of what agents offer, Trusty guarantees a minimum of 5% of the buy-side commission back in your pocket which is significant. That can go toward closing costs, furnishing your new home, or saving for that future home project. So what are you waiting for?

Two products for twotypes of buyers

Home first,agent second:

Do your own home search.

Get multiple reviews and rebate offers from unbiased agents.

Ask questions and interact with multiple agents to establish chemistry.


Agent first,home second:

Enlist an expert to guide you through your search.

Get proposals from multiple agents competing for your business.

Decide the best fit without any pressure.


Customizeyour home search like never before.

Go beyond bedroom count, bathroom count, and square footage. Now you can indicate unique home characteristics, like open floor plans and great for outdoor entertaining, so you can cut through the clutter and focus on homes that are a fit for you. Filter through dozens of highlights and lowlights to see more of what you like and less of what you don’t.

Communicate with agents freely, without pressure.

When it comes to communication, Trusty believes in relationships over leads. And that contact information is sacred. For this reason, we don’t give our users’ contact information until the user feels comfortable with an agent. Trusty creates a safe environment where users can ask questions and engage in conversations with multiple agents. When a strong connection is made, the user can decide to engage directly with an agent. It’s all on their terms.


The next innovation in real estate information:user-centric.

Trusty is democratizing real estate information as the next leap forward. We’re giving homebuyers new information and data points to evaluate homes and research the best fit for them. We’re also letting real estate agents compete for your business, through honest insights and money back in your pocket. Trusty is putting its users (homebuyers) in the driver’s seat by delivering more unique, dynamic, diverse content that can’t be found anywhere else. Some real estate sites are home-first, some are agent-first. Trusty is consumer-first. And it shows.