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Trusty can help you feel confident about the process.

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Get multiple, expert opinions about selling your home

What’s your home worth today? Are there upgrades you should make to maximize value? When is the best time to put it on the market? Get answers from expert local agents and other home professionals.

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Help you find an agent

There are three different ways you can use Trusty to find a real estate agent:

  • Choose an agent yourself

    Get to know the agents working in your area by browsing their profiles, reading their reviews, and seeing their opinions about current properties on the market. You can ask them questions too. No fees, no commitments.
  • Get matched with an agent

    Many busy homeowners are looking for an experienced, local agent they can work with. If that sounds like you, Trusty will match you with an agent who has a track record in your area, and is ready to go. No fees, no commitments.
  • Get multiple agents competing for your business

    Some homeowners are looking for more information before they make a choice. In that case, we invite you to fill out a homeowner’s seller profile. Based on the information you provide, you will receive three customized proposals from local agents. No fees, no commitments.
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Secure, hassle-free communications, no fees or commitments

There are no fees or commitments to use the Trusty social network. And your contact information remains confidential until you’re ready to share.

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