Tap into the wisdom of experts when selling your home.

What is your home worth today? What upgrades should you make to maximize value? When’s the best time to put it on the market to get the most buyers? Get answers to these questions and more from listing agents competing for your business.

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Introducing Trusty Agent Match for Sellers

Three custom proposals from licensed real estate agents who know your local market, including opinions on your home’s value, upgrade opportunities, optimal selling time, and even a discount they’re willing to make in exchange for your business. All for a flat fee of $99.

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Get agent opinions without having to meet or invite strangers in your home.

Sellers submit a basic seller profile and video walkthrough of their property, pointing out the good and the bad of their home.

Agents receive this anonymized information about the home and review the video to put together their proposals. We share the general location of your home, but not the exact address. The perfect balance of efficiency and privacy.

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No more guessing games around home value. Plusdozens of upgrade ideas to maximize your return on investment.

Get multiple price opinions based on nearby comps, market trends, and the unique characteristics of your unique home. And ensure your listing stands out and gets the most value for any money you put into it.

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Get to know multiple agents without any awkwardness or pressure.

Find your perfect agent match based on the merits of their proposal. Confidentially evaluate recommendations and discounts. Decide what matters most to you in a listing agent and make your selection with confidence.